Bipartisan Guyana oil negotiating team best strategy against oil giants

FPSO Liza Destiny


TORONTO – United we stand, divided we fall! No one can deny that fact, and multinational oil companies know this all too well.

Divide and rule is still alive and well and is the primary reason for neo-colonialism in developing countries.

Guyana has shown unity against Venezuela, and the new People’s Progress Party/Civic (PPP/C) government has even made a very commendable move by hiring opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) member, Carl Greenidge, as an advisor on borders.

Neo-colonialism means ‘new colonialism’ and, unlike geographic ownership, it is about economic control, exercised by western powers through multinational corporations.

This publication has emphasized before in its weekend editorials, that while the political parties in Guyana are fighting for power, in the end, oil will be the winner in the exploitation of Guyana’s unlimited billions of barrels of petroleum resources offshore.

Now that the dust has finally settled after the March 2, 2020, elections, it is imperative to recognize that the billions of barrels of resources offshore, belong to all Guyanese.

All the parties who contested the March 2 elections had disclosed their plans for Guyana’s oil industry, but the truth is that these huge multinational oil companies are more powerful, and even have more resources than small governments.

Multinationals will only respect national unity. What has past is in the past. There will be plenty of opportunities for fixing what many feel was not a good deal, when renegotiation periods arise.

The point is, politicians have to put aside party pride after elections and think nation first by establishing a multi-party oil contracts negotiations team so that Guyana will have the upper-hand in these deals.

Politicians have a right to attack the policies of other parties because that is the nature of politics, but if getting the best oil deal for all Guyanese is no longer a contentious issue, then and only then, can Guyana see the maximization of the benefits of the oil offshore.

The government of the day and the political opposition still have many other issues to debate such as how to spend the billions of oil dollars, for decades to come.

Based on the fact that several billions more than the 8 billion barrels of oil announced, still remain to be found offshore the hottest exploration spot in the world, the best deal for Guyana cannot be compromised.

The time has come for political maturity where political parties can work together to represent the voters who turned out in historic numbers on March 2, 2020.

#Guyana will only win if all Guyanese are united on the oil contracts negotiations front. Politicians are free to fight on how to spend the money.

Creating a multi-party oil contract negotiating team is the best way to come up against powerful oil companies who, in reality, actually control western governments with their vast resources.


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